As Georgia remains to be one of the leading states in the nation for returning soldiers, Governor Nathan Deal invites employers to sign the pledge below and commit to hire a Georgia veteran today. This commitment will assist our service men and women with their transition back into the civilian workforce and ultimately contribute to the economic stability of our state.

The Pledge to Support Georgia's Veterans

WHEREAS, Governor Deal, the Great State of Georgia and its employers recognize the significant sacrifices and contributions the members of our Armed Forces have made, and continue to make, in the service of our nation and for the preservation of our freedom; and

WHEREAS, brave and dedicated Georgia Veterans, who have served with honor and distinction, are returning home after more than a decade of defending this great nation; and

WHEREAS, in the process of defending our nation and preserving freedom for Americans, these service men and women have gained valuable knowledge, training and skills critical to the success of Georgia’s businesses and industry; and

WHEREAS, employment is paramount to the economic success of these individuals, Georgia businesses and the Great State of Georgia.

NOW THEREFORE, we unite with the Great State of Georgia, Governor Deal and other Georgia employers in pledging that:

  • We will reach out to Georgia’s Veterans in order to employ the most capable workforce in Georgia.
  • We will take full advantage of OPERATION: WORKFORCE in an effort to match skilled and capable Veterans with appropriate and fulfilling employment opportunities.
  • We will provide increased occasions of interviews and enhance hiring opportunities for Georgia’s Veterans, which will not only benefit returning service men and women, but also our companies and the Great State of Georgia.

Nathan Deal

Deputy Commissioner
Ben Hames
Department of Economic Development Worforce Division


Date of Signing