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Disclaimer (Veteran):


The intent of this site is to facilitate the connection between U.S. military veterans and potential employers. You are not required to provide personal information to visit this website. Any information submitted through this site will be used for its intended purpose. We do not collect, use, or sell information for commercial marketing. We may share information you provide us with to contractors acting on our behalf or with another government agency when and where appropriate. In other limited circumstances, such as in response to requests from official entities and private individuals, we may be required by law to disclose information you submit. Please report any unwarranted solicitations or abuse of this site to operationworkforce@georgia.org.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer (Employer)

Terms of Use:

I hereby acknowledge that the purpose of this site is to connect U.S. military veterans with potential employers. I further acknowledge that use of this site to solicit, or to market products and/or services is strictly prohibited. In addition, postings may not contain false, inaccurate, or misleading information. I understand that the custodian of this site may remove any posting, participant, or employer from this site at their discretion.

Any jobs posted through this site must be:

  1. submitted by the employer or someone with employer authorization to submit the posting,
  2. submitted by a legitimate business,
  3. submitted for purposes that do not violate federal or state laws or regulations
  4. detailed and clearly state the nature and requirements of the job or the qualifications required of applicants, and
  5. for a bona fide job opening. If the posting is to increase applicant files for future use, and there is no anticipated hire date, employers are required to disclose this in the posting.

By accepting these terms of use, I understand that violation of these terms may lead to removal from the site and additional action as warranted by the laws of the State of Georgia. I also understand that removal from the site neither restricts future application to the site, nor implies any violation of terms. Thus, recourse for removal from the site is limited to re-application for inclusion in the site. Furthermore, in submitting my information for inclusion in the site as an employer, I affirm that I am legally permitted to operate and employ others in the State of Georgia; I and/or the entity I represent are in satisfactory compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of Georgia to operate and/or practice in Georgia; and that I will abide by any and all terms of use for this site.